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Astrolight South Africa introduces Astrologer Warren Calvey

Astrolight.jpgMay 4th 2014
Old Edwardian Society
R50 for Pensioners
Including refreshments

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Warren Calvey is a Medieval Astrologer who has been practicing, applying and observing the principles of Medieval Astrology for 7 years. Apart from practicing astrology, Warren has a degree in commerce and two higher diplomas in financial management and is currently completing his LLB degree through Unisa. After many years of researching alternative healing methods like kinesiology, Warren came across Robert Zoller’s course in medieval astrology and studied the principles of this unique system of astrology under the guidance of Anita Noyes-Smith.
After a fair amount of time observing, applying and practicing the principles of Medieval Astrology Warren has found that the practice of fully delineating a chart in strict accordance with the rules of delineation as set out in Robert Zoller’s course of Medieval Astrology, is profoundly and astoundingly accurate when it comes to apprehending the nature of the native, his or her primary motivation and the kind and quality of events  that the native will experience during their current incarnation.

This is primarily done through delineating the native’s first house and considering the other three cardinal angles, looking to the house position , quality, nature and being of the various rulers of these places and the aspects that they make to each other and to the Ascendant. Warren has also found through many chart delineations that concurrent consideration of the native’s guardian angel and its planetary being is essential in arriving at a highly accurate blend of the character and qualities that form the underlying essence of who the native is, his or her modus operandi over the course of their life and areas of life that hold promise and other areas that face obstruction, delays and challenges.

Calculating the essential dignities of the seven traditional planets, their local determination, and making use of the planetary periods or firdaria (he who rules the time) in conjunction with annual and monthly profections has much to say about the life of a native .

Although there are many other accurate medieval tools and techniques, these three techniques alone without fail, given an accurate birth time, will reveal sufficient and accurate information regarding the “fated” or “foreordained” circumstances and conditions of a native’s life.

Please join Warren on the 4th of April 2014 where he will share his personal experience of the principles of  essential dignity, how to calculate, measure and weigh the essential dignities of the various planetary rulers and the concrete and identifiable effects that they will have on the life of any given nativity.

Cindy Lubner