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The Star Article

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World Soul

Earth is a living being and the various living kingdoms (most commonly known: mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms) are bornout of her bosom and are sustained by the life giving elements that she provides. Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Without the density of the elements of Earth a physical body would have no solid substance to give it physical structure and form. Without the element of air her atmosphere provides there would be no breath to breathe life into and give mobility to stagnant matter which makes motion and animates fixed matter into moving, living and breathing life through respiration and oxygenation. Without fire there would be no spark of passion to rise up and burn with desire to reach up and out to further heights. Without water that which has served its purpose could not be dissolved and cleansed back into purity, and quench the thirst that is required for generation of renewed life.

These are the core elements that give the blessings of life.

Fire is the first element that calls inert matter to life. Fire is the element of spirit, the soul that burns and yearns to rise up out of the cold darkness. Fire is the element that animates the world and its living beings by imparting its illuminating light and life giving heat. This heat excites inert molecules that lay still, dormant and lifeless, and excites them to motion and life.

Our living Earth although cold to the touch at her outermost crust, yet a fire burns deep within her core, as hot as our life giving Sun. It is a universally known scientific fact that life could not be if it were not for the blessed life giving divine rays of our Sun. Through the process of photosynthesis, the sun – along with water and carbon dioxide – enables plants to grow. In turn, the carbohydrates in plants form the primary source of energy for humans and many other life forms. Here again we see the four elements combining to form a living wonder at work.

Our Sun, the star of our solar system is a sacred source of energy that gives life to all living beings on our precious living earth. If God is seen as the giver of life, it must follow that our Sun is literally a life giving god to all living creatures on Earth. Moreover, it is then a logical deduction that our Sun is the closest physical manifestation of God that science can prove. The Sun through its changing proximity in relation to Earth as she rotates on her tilted axis in her annual orbit brings predictable and repetitive cycles and seasons of life and death in its four phases, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The Sun is the custodian of life to every living being on Earth through all the kingdoms, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom.  Now consider that the average human being is only responsible to support a small number of living beings that make up an average family. This in itself as a family raising parent is no easy task. It requires consistent and dedicated devotion and keeping a reliable and constant routine which ensures reliable living amenities, shelter and support at all times. As mortal fallible human beings we do not always manage to live up to this ideal. Now imagine that the Sun faltered for just a moment and dropped the ball and went off course, as we humans often do, only to pick up the pieces and put it all back together a little later. If the Sun was as inconsistent as a human being and wondered off course every now and then, life on Earth for all the living kingdoms would be marred with mass cataclysmic disasters and would die out instantaneously.

Just as human beings have laws that govern an ordered society, so does the Sun need to keep within its laws of motion in order to sustain a consistent living order on Earth. The Sun is one of the many guardians of Earth that oversees the natural and consistent order of life on Earth.

Human beings also have a responsibility to obey certain laws and behave in a consistent manner to keep order and harmony amongst themselves and to keep their family unit and society as a whole stable and safe.

This begs the question…. Is there any human being or administrative institution on this Earth that exercises their responsibility as diligently, consistently and reliably as the rising and setting Sun?

The responsibility that the Sun holds as the primary keeper of life on Earth surely must raise the question of the Sun being an intelligent and conscious, living being, a custodian and keeper of life on Earth that has evolved over eons and achieved self-mastery worthy of becoming a star, a cosmic custodian of lessor beings reaching up and out from darkness into the light.

Consider Plato’s Timaeus, written circa. 360 years before the birth of Christ, where Timaeus accounts of the nature of the physical world, the purpose of the Universe, the properties of the Universe, the creation of the World Soul, the elements and the Golden Ratio.

With regards to creation, the elements and the planetary spheres, Timaeus had the following to say: “When the creator had made all these ordinances he remained in his own accustomed nature, and his children heard and were obedient to their father’s word, and receiving from him the immortal principle of a mortal creature, in imitation of their own creator they borrowed portions of fire, and earth, and water, and air  from the world, which were hereafter to be restored – these they took and welded them together, not with the indissoluble chains by which they were themselves bound, but with little pegs too small to be visible, making up out of all the four elements each separate body, and fastening the courses of the immortal soul in a body which was in a state of perpetual influx and efflux. Now these courses, detained as a vast river, neither overcame nor were overcome; but were hurrying and hurried to and fro, so that the whole animal was moved and progresses, irregularly however and irrationally and anyhow, in all six directions of motion, wandering backwards and forwards, and right and left, and up and down, and in all the six directions…

…and by reason of all these affections, the souls, when incased in a mortal body, now, as in the beginning, is at first without intelligence; but when the flood of growth and nutriment abates, and the courses of the soul, calming down, go their own way and become steadier as time goes on, then the several circles return to their natural form, and their revolutions are corrected, and they call the same and the other by their right names, and make the possessor of them to become rational beings. And if these combine in him with any true nurture or education, he attains the fullness and health of the perfect man, and escapes the worst disease of all; but if he neglects education he walks lame to the end of his life, and returns imperfect and good for nothing to the world below…”  

… and so goes the evolution of the world soul… a soul whose make-up can be located, identified and marginally apprehended, not comprehended, by the art of astrology.

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