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Planetary Beings


Orbit:12 years
House of Joy:11th house
Nature:Greater benefic
Sex:Masculine and positive
Time of Day:Diurnal
Day of the week:Thursday and Monday night
People represented:The masses, kings and nobles, magnates, lawyers, merchants, the rich
Places and Buildings:Royal palaces; mansions; churches; books; places of learning
Period of Life:Middle age
Relations:Children and grandchildren
Disposition:Good disposition; inspiring; intelligent; patient; high minded; devout; chaste; administering justice; truth telling; learned; generous; noble; responsible; eager for education; religious; honorable; trusty
Conditions of Life:Friendliness; peacemaker; charitable; laughing; eloquent; eager for wealth
Religion:Christians and those dressed in white


Orbit:2 years
Revolution:24.5 hours
House of Joy:6th house
Nature:Lesser Malefic
Sex:Masculine and positive
Time of Day:Nocturnal
Element:Upper part of Fire
Day of the week:Tuesday and Saturday night
People represented:Leaders; cavalry; troops; opponents; disputants in assembly
Places and Buildings:Fire temples; fireplaces; firewood; roadside fires
Period of Life:Youth
Relations:Brothers of middle age
Disposition:Confused opinions; ignorant; rash; evil conduct; licentious; bold; quarrelsome; unsteady; untrustworthy; violent; shameless; unchaste but quickly repentant; a deceiver; cheerful; bright; friendly; pleasant faced deceiver
Conditions of Life:Marriage; travelling; litigation; business going to ruin; false testimony; lustful; a bad companion; solitary; spiteful and tricky
Religion:Idolators dressed in red
Positive Keywords:Courage; energy; activity; initiative; originality
Negative Keywords:Arrogance; cruelty; aggression; stubbornness; selfish; impulsive


Orbit:88 days
Revolution:59 days
House of Joy1st house
Nature:Benefic or Malefic
Sex:Masculine and Positive or Feminine and Negative
Time of Day:Nocturnal or Diurnal
Element:Black Bile
Day of the week:Wednesday and Sunday night
People represented:Merchants; bankers; councilors; tax collectors; slaves; wrestlers
Places and Buildings:Bazaars; divans; mosques; houses of painters and bleachers; places near orchids; irrigation channels and springs; mecca
Period of Life:Childhood
Relations:Younger brothers
Disposition:Sharp intelligence and understanding; affability; gentleness; open countenance; elegance; far-sightedness; changeable; deeply interested in business; eager for pleasure; keeps secrets
Conditions of Life:Teaching manners; theology; revelation and logic; eloquent; fine voice; good memory for stories; busybody; thieving; lying; falsifying
Religion:Disputants in all sects
Positive Keywords:Brilliance; alertness; articulateness; versatility; dexterity
Negative Keywords:Skepticism; nosiness; indecision; criticalness; restlessness


Orbit:27.3 days
Revolution:27.3 days
House of Joy3rd house
Sex:Feminine and Negative
Time of Day:Nocturnal
Day of the week:Monday and Friday night
People represented:Kings; nobles; noble matrons; celebrated wealthy citizens
Places and Buildings:Moist places; underground or underwater brick making; places of cool water; streams and roads with trees
Period of Life:Infancy to old age according to its various quarters
Relations:Mother; maternal aunts; elder sisters; nurses
Disposition:Simple; adaptable; king amongst kings; servant amongst servants; good-hearted; forgetful; timid; reveals secrets; lover of elegance; respected by people; cheerful; lover of women; too anxious
Conditions of Life:Lying; calumniation; over-anxious for health and comfort; generous in distributing food; too uxorious; excellent spirits
Religion:Adherents of prevailing religion
Positive Keywords:Patience; sympathy; receptivity; protective; good memory
Negative Keywords:Over-sensitive; worry; emotional instability; moodiness


Orbit:29 years
Revolution:10 hours and fourteen minutes
House of Joy12th house
Nature:Greater Malefic
Sex:Masculine and Positive
Time of Day:Diurnal
Day of the week:Saturday and Wednesday night
People represented:Owners of estates; King’s intendants; devotees; wicked people; the overworked; thieves; magicians; demons; ghouls and those that revile them
Places and Buildings:Underground canals and vaults; wells; old buildings; desolate roads; liars of wild beasts and deserts full of them; stables for horses; asses and camels
Period of Life:Old age
Relations:Fathers; grandfathers; older brothers; slaves
Disposition:Fearful; timid; anxious; suspicious; miserly; malevolent plotter; sullen and proud; melancholy; truth telling; grave; trusty; unwilling to believe good of anyone; intelligence but ignorance concealed
Conditions of Life:Exile and poverty; wealth acquired by own trickery or that of others; failure in business; vehemence; confusion; seeking solitariness; enslaving people by violence or treachery; fraud; weeping and wailing; lamentations
Religion:Jews and those who dress in black
Positive Keywords:Experience; patience; humility; wisdom; compassion
Negative Keywords:Challenge; delay; sorrow; disappointment; limitation


Orbit:365 days / 1 year
Revolution:25 days
House of Joy :9th house
Nature:Benefic or Malefic
Sex:Masculine and positive
Time of Day:Diurnal
Element:Lower part of Fire
Day of the week:Sunday and Thursday night
People represented:Kings; nobles; chiefs; generals; officials; magistrates; physicians; societies
Places and Buildings:King’s and sultan’s palaces
Period of Life:Full manhood
Relations:Fathers; brothers; slaves
Disposition:Intelligent; knowledgeable; patient; chaste; sensual; eager for knowledge, power and victory; seeking a good name; friendly; hot tempered but quickly recovering repose
Conditions of Life:Longing for power and government; hankering after wealth and managing world affairs; harsh with opponents; exalted – favourable to Kings; in fall - rebellion
Religion:Magicians; Mithraists
Positive Keywords:Creativity; leadership; vitality; confidence; generosity
Negative Keywords:Arrogance; cruelty; conceit; aggression; pomposity


Orbit:225 days
Revolution243 days
House of Joy:5th House
Nature:Lessor benefic
Sex:Feminine and receptive (negative)
Time of Day:Nocturnal
Element:Lower part of Fire
Day of the week:Friday and Tuesday night
People represented:Nobles; plutocrats; Queens; Courtesans; Adulterers and their children
Places and Buildings:Lofty houses; vessels; roads which hold much water; places of worship; islands and sugar plantations
Period of Life:Youth and adolescence
Relations:Wives; mothers; sisters; uterine kindred; delicate child
Disposition:Good disposition; handsome face; good natured; inclined to love and sensuality; friendliness; generosity; tenderness to children and friends; pride; joy; patience
Conditions of Life:Lazy, laughing; jesting; dancing; fond of wine; chess; draughts; cheating; takes pleasure in everything; not quarrelsome; sodomite or excess venery; well spoken; fond of ornaments; perfume; song; gold; silver; fine clothes
Positive keywordsHarmony; devotion; refinement; affection; responsiveness; values; love; beauty; sociability; cooperation
Negative keywordsLaziness; indifference; self-indulgence; superficial; flirtatious