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The Star Article

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Date of birth:    22 November 1986
Time of birth:    10:30 AM
Place of birth:    Johannesburg
Rising sign: 12°44’ Aquarius
Sun sign: 29°44’ Scorpio (10th House)
Moon sign: 3°31’ Leo (6th & 7th House)
Mercury: 13°05’ Scorpio (10th House)
Venus: 5°11’ Scorpio (9th & 10th House)
Mars: 27°28’ Aquarius (1st House)
Jupiter: 13°17’ Pisces (2nd House)
Saturn: 10°45’ Sagittarius (11th House)

General Chart Overview

In order to apprehend the essential nature of the native himself we first look to the 1st House which rules the native as a person, his body, skill, wit and talent.

We look to the sign rising, the respective planetary rulers of this place and any planets tending the 1st House. We note that the sign of Aquarius ruled by the greater malefic (evil, malign, harmful) is rising with the malefic planet Mars in Aquarius.

The planet Mars in the 1st House is the first placement to consider as by the very fact that Mars is located (locally determined) to the 1st House, Mars automatically imparts his nature to the individual’s body and personality.

Next we need to consider the universal nature of Mars. Mars is the God of War and is naturally combative by his very hot and fiery nature. Keywords to describe Mars are conflict, anger and strife. Mars also rules energy, drive, commitment and passion. Any individual with Mars rising, unless severely afflicted, will have an abundance of physical energy and stamina. The clues are already emerging as to his athletic prowess and his unrelenting drive, commitment and dedication to overcoming hardship and challenge and excel against all odds. This is the gift of Mars, yet by its very malefic nature, it still comes with its own challenges. Some of these challenges in general are exhibiting angry or aggressive behavior, or at least a confrontational sort of behavior and nature.

The planets mark the body of the native, the malefic planets in particular. Look to the sign in which the malefics are placed and you will find a mark, mole, scar or injury to that part of the body. The rising sign is Aquarius and we have Mars in Aquarius rising. Aquarius rules the shins. Mars rules the surgeon’s knife which squares an anaretic Sun (which is the natural significator of Oscar’s body and person). Is it not interesting that in his first year of life (which is represented by the 1st House in which Mars is positioned), he has his shins (Aquarius) amputated (Mars in Aquarius, squared the Sun at 29° Scorpio).

Mars is ruled by the sign of Aquarius and hence is ruled by Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of athletics and hence Mars expresses itself in an athletic context. Saturn is locally determined to the 11th House of his place in society, friends, hopes and faith. Saturn elevated above the horoscope generally indicates some kind of fall from grace. Well Oscar has certainly fallen from hero to devil indeed.

It also turns out that Saturn is Oscar’s planetary guardian angel. This requires that a large weight be allocated to Saturn when considering the native as an individual and the affairs of his life in general.

Saturn’s universal nature is cold, dark heavy and hard. Saturn rules obstruction, delays, sorrow, disappointment, restriction and control. Saturn will impart his nature to the nature of the native by virtue of the fact that Saturn is his guardian angel. Saturn is fearful, anxious, suspicious and confused. Saturn is sure to bring its fair share of sorrow, weeping and wailing to one’s condition of life whom is largely ruled by this greater malefic. This is clearly indicated by the fact that not only does Saturn rule Oscar’s Ascendant... Saturn is also the Lord of Oscar’s chart (Almutem Figuris ). Now that we know to place a lot of weight on the nature of Saturn when considering Oscar’s chart, we look to the places (areas of life) that Saturn rules in Oscar’s chart. Aside from the 1st House which adds an element of Saturn’s malefic nature to Oscar’s person, Saturn also rules the 12th House through the sign of Capricorn. The 12th House represents conditions of life such as self-undoing, incarceration, ill-health, hospitalization, death, secret enemies, sorrow and lamentations.

Now then, being largely dominated by the malefic planets, Saturn and Mars, we know that these planets are going to add their respective gifts and challenges to Oscar’s life…

The gifts of Saturn are a strong sense of discipline, commitment and dedication. Ability to work at and endure rigorous and crippling paces to achieve one’s goals. Stamina and staying power.

The challenges that Saturn presents is a fair amount of sorrow, delays and disappointments. Reversals of fortune. A tendency to control and dominate others. Business going to ruin. A fall from grace. Social disgrace and embarrassment. Regret.

Saturn in Sagittarius ultimately calls for the individual to expand inwardly. The fact that Saturn rules the 12th House indicates the methods and means which serves as a catalyst which forces the native to expand inwardly.

The gifts of Mars is strength, speed, endurance, strong and vital life force, sheer will and determination, business passion, drive, motivation, skill, wit and talent.

The challenges that Mars present are conflict, anger and strife. Mars rising tends to make an individual bold, domineering, controlling, quarrelsome and impulsive behavior. Aggression or violence and possibly even evil behavior are more often than not attributed to an individual’s life who receives malefic aspects from the God of War, especially when one considers his guardian angel, Saturn. Mars further has a tendency to be unchaste, shameless, yet quickly repentant.
How do we know that these kinds of gifts and challenges are going to be imparted to Oscar’s person and personality and not only to certain conditions of his life. The 1st clue is that Saturn is not only the ruler of his Ascendant, but also his guardian angel and rules over his entire horoscope.

This is a strong indication that the astringent, cold, dark, heavy and hard nature and quality of Saturn will not only be added to the nature of the Ascendant (1st House ruler and guardian angel), but also to the general quality of Oscar’s life.

The next planet to consider when analyzing the horoscope is the native’s Sun (as he is a male). The sign and house that the Sun is found in will give an added indication as to the nature of the native and the area of life he will seek to express his life force. The Sun is in the 10th House of profession. A 10th House Sun is generally a good indication of receiving public honors and accolades for one’s professional endeavors. The Sun is ruled by his 1st House Mars. This connects his professional recognition to his physical talents and abilities. The Sun is found at 29° Scorpio. The 29th degree is known to be anaretic. The term anaretic is used as an adjective to mean destroyer or that which kills. The Sun in the 29th degree further indicates that there is a serious lesson to be learnt during the current incarnation. Some kind of unfinished business… The Sun in the 29th degree of any sign is certainly a detail that all astrologers take notice of as it usually represents a death / transformation / ending of some kind.
Now the Sun rules the zodiacal sign of Leo. The sign is found on the 7th house cusp of partnerships, relationships and marriage. Other people in general are also ruled by the 7th House. The planetary ruler of the 7th House is the Sun in the sign of Scorpio in an anaretic (killing / dying) degree. The Sun is in the anaretic degree of the sign of Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th House cusp of death and regeneration. If one takes the Sun as the natural significator of the native’s romantic partners (it rules the 7th House cusp and the Moon (natural significator of the women in Oscar’s life) is in the sign of Leo on the 7th House cusp. There is no doubt that the Sun has a large part to play in the description of the native’s partners.

Now let us have a look at the aspects that the Sun receives bearing in mind that the Sun is found in the anaretic degree of the sign of death / endings / transformation / regeneration. It is interesting to note that the Sun receives a tight square from the natives Mars in the 1st House. Mars by virtue of his position in the 1st House makes Mars one of the primary natural significators of the native himself, his body, person, skill, wit and talent. Well we already know that Mars adds a lighting speed to the native’s body as a gift of skill… what else does Mars give to the native. Oscar’s repeated reference during the trial to his “combat mode” indicates that combat and combat arms in particular are at the forefront of his mind as an individual. The fact that he always carried a gun (Mars rules bullets, guns and combat weapons) on his person is another attribute appropriately added to the native’s person by Mars. A picture of an argumentative, aggressive, domineering and confrontational individual has certainly been revealed in the media when one delves into Oscar’s private life. Now this energy which is plain for all to see is directed by the aspects that it casts to other planets and areas of the horoscope. The most significant and tightest aspect that Mars makes in his entire horoscope is the square it makes to the Sun. Now we already know that Mars is the natural significator of the native and the Sun is the natural significator of his romantic partners. A square or 90° aspect is the nature of Mars. A square indicates tension, conflict and intensification. Therefore we have “Mars=Oscar Pistorius” making a square aspect (in conflict) with his “Sun=romantic partners”.

Reeva Steenkamp is not the only one of Oscar’s romantic partners over whom he went into a violent or angry rage. He reached an out of court settlement with a one Cassidy Taylor-Memmory who claims that Oscar injured her at a party in 2009 by dropping a door panel on her leg when he punched a door in an angry rage after a fight with his then girlfriend. Ms Taylor-Memmory described Pistorius’ behavior as aggressive and unreasonable, and said it took her by surprise. Aggressive and unreasonable outbursts are certainly very much in keeping with the nature and behavior of Mars.
Now the fact that Mars makes an almost exact square aspect with the Sun means that Mars adds his nature to the Sun and not in a pretty way given his square (malefic) aspect to the Sun. So the Sun is ruled by Mars and squared by Mars. Now in turn Mars is ruled or disposed by Saturn. Amongst many things, what this means is that the Sun operates under duty of and takes instructions from Mars, the God of War. Is it at all surprising or in doubt as to the aggressive nature of the native?… I don’t think so.

Given the fact that “Mars=Oscar Pistorius” rules the “Sun=Reeva Steenkamp” it is safe to assume that Oscar sought to dominate and control or rather “rule over” Reeva Steenkamp. Mars is this position (in square aspect) generally is not inclined to negotiate. It rather gives orders and instructions like an army general. And woe betide any troop that disobeys or falls out of line, not to mention a troop who chews chewing gum at a public and well publicized event which may lead to public embarrassment (Saturn in the 11th House).

Now having established astrologically the trying personal / romantic partnerships and relationships that Oscar will encounter during his lifetime, let us have a look at his Venus, another natural significator of his love life. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio, in detriment and retrograde. This placement is often associated with severe challenges in love and toxic relationships. Venus is in square (martian aspect) aspect to the Ascendant. A further confirmation of conflict, struggle and strife in love. Venus rules the 4th house of death and the endings of things through the sign of Taurus. This placement and rulership links the loss of love / feminine influence through death.

Venus in Scorpio is also on the 10th House cusp of mother, by whole sign house and locally determined to the derived 12th House of serious illness of the mother. The severe afflictions that Venus suffers (she is in detriment and fall as well as being retrograde) is a clear indication of difficult and painful experiences around his mother. By her local determination to the derived 12th House of his mother her illness and death is even shown.

Oscar’s mother, Sheila, died on March 2 2002 when Oscar was 15 years old. Oscar was profected to the 4th house of death and endings of things ruled by his severely afflicted Venus in Scorpio (the sign of death / endings / transformation). Venus is in Oscar’s 10th House by whole sign house which rules his mother. The 4th House is further in opposition to the 10th House. By month whilst in his 4th House for the year, Oscar was profected to his 7th House which we already have established rules significant woman in his life given the fact that the Moon is in the sign of Leo on the 7th House cusp by whole sign house which rules the Sun. The Sun is in an anaretic (killing) degree. The 7th house is further naturally squared to the 10th House of mother. It is often found that these kinds of life changing events occur when one profects to significant angles with challenging aspects, as is the case when Oscar’s mother passed on.

Now let’s have a look at the     profections at the time of the murder. Oscar was profected to his 3rd House with the sign of Aries on the 3rd House cusp. Mars, the God of War, is the ruler of Aries. “Mars=Oscar” is in the 1st House squared to the “Sun=Reeva”. Nothing less than severe conflict in partnerships will be expected for the year considering the ruling planets of the 1st and 7th Houses and the harsh aspects that they make to each other for the year.
Oscar is again profected by month to his Moon in Leo ruled by an anaretic Sun. The same place he was profected to the day he lost his mother. This time the Sun is transiting at 25° Aquarius, in application, 2° away from his Mars=Oscar, the ruler for the year, squaring (in conflict with the “Sun=Reeva”).

For further confirmation let’s have a brief look at some significant fixed stars. The fixed star Hamal is in paran relationship to Oscar’s culminating retrograde Venus is Scorpio. Ptolemy states that the stars at the head of Aries are of the nature of Mars and Saturn. Dr. Reinhold Ebertin (February 16, 1901 - March 14, 1988) who was a German physician and astrologer listed Hamal as El Naith and referred to it as a difficult star causing danger. Vivian E Robson, a well-known English astrologer associates the star with brutishness and premeditated crime.

Another fixed star worth noting is Sadalsuud which is conjunct Oscars Mars, angular in the 1st House. Ptolemy states that Sadalsuud is of the nature of Mars and Mercury. Robson talks of lawsuits, sudden destruction and that it causes trouble and disgrace. Considering that this fixed star is in Oscar’s 1st House of his body and person and that the Sun was transiting Sadalsuud at the time of the murder in Oscar’s 1st House, conjunct his “Mars=Oscar” and squaring his “Sun=Reeva” in the anaretic degree of the sign of Scorpio the tragic and unfortunate events of that fateful valentines morning in 2013 becomes a little less surprising.

Kind regards

Warren Calvey

Traditional Astrologer