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TAURUS (20 April – 20 May)

Taurus the Bull is easily identifiable as he charges through the northern winter sky as it is one of the most prominent and visible of all of the constellations. The Bull is also one of the oldest documented constellations, with details of the constellation going as far back as the Early Bronze Age. The Bull only has half a body as its hindquarters seem to disappear into the depths of space. Aldebaran, a giant red star which is 65 light-years away is known as the Eye of the Bull. Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation and the 14th brightest star in the sky. It is the brightest object in the V-shaped asterism known as Hyades that makes up the bull’s face. The orange-hued star is often described as fiery or bloodshot and glaring at Orion the Hunter, which lies just to its southwest. In addition to Aldebaran, the constellation’s other major star cluster is the Pleiades, which is a cluster of seven stars that rest on the bull’s shoulder. It is said these stars represent the Seven Sisters, daughters of Atlas and Aethra.

Aldebaran and the Pleiades are visible to the naked eye and are two of the sky’s brightest objects.
The Moon is said to be exalted in Taurus. The Moon is the Celestial Mother and represents the principles for growth and fertility. The glyph is in the form of a base circle of completion supporting above it the upturned cup. The upturned cup is a symbol of fertility and the gathering up of energy in the material plane in order that the Bull may grow further through acquiring wealth and material possessions. Hence it follows that money and possessions are extremely important to a Taurean. One would be wise not to interfere in or meddle with the property and/or material possessions of a Taurean. For disturb a Taurean’s possessions and be prepared to get the proverbial horn.

The sign of Taurus is a fixed Earth sign. On many levels, what this represents is being in bondage to the element of Earth in the form of land or possessions in one form or another. A universal key-phrase for the archetype of Taurus is “I have”. Taureans will struggle with their emotional security unless they can see and touch the possessions that they own. Thus persons with a strong influence of Taurus will consider their possessions to be one of their highest priorities. For this reason, a true Taurean instinctively knows the value of eliminating wasteful expenditure of energy in any form.

One of the most important lessons that a Taurean will be tasked to learn is that of “detachment” from people and possessions. The intense need to possess and enjoy with the senses can be very real and overwhelming for a Taurean which brings a whole new set of problems on its own. This insatiable need to possessess will often motivate a Taurean to exceptionally hard work where he/she will be extremely productive. This intrinsic need to be productive engenders good qualities such as responsibility, reliability, trustworthiness, caution and commitment when Taureans apply their mind to their productive projects and endeavours.

The fact that Taurus is an Earth sign makes them practical and exacting. They enjoy seeing tangible, measurable and most importantly productive results from their actions or the actions of others. The same usually applies to their faith and philosophy on life. The principles must be workable and practical. They usually need to see something in order to believe it. In fact, given the fixed nature of the sign, Taureans naturally have a tendency to be extremely stubborn by nature. Once a Taurean has made up his or her mind… it is MADE UP! And there is very little one can do to change this. They are generally very slow to form opinions, digging and delving deeply into things before they make up their mind.

It is good to know when it comes to our Taurean brothers and sisters that, we must never rush or prod them along to do anything that is against their will. For in rushing them, one will get the completely opposite result… their heels dug firmly in the Earth, unwilling to budge or move for anything or anyone. In order to convince a Taurean of anything, the art of persuasion is better used than brute force… after all the Bull is the most stubborn and determined sign of them all.

Given the slow moving energy that underlies the sign, to win the love of a Taurean is not a quick and superficial affair. Yet should this be accomplished in time, his loyalty, dedication and devotion to his/her loved ones is firm and steadfast , even under the most dire and challenging of circumstances. The sign of Taurus was born from the loins of the planet Venus, which gives a warm and romantic heart. At the same time Venus can make those under its rays very demanding when it comes to sensual and sexual appetites. Nevertheless, a Taurean truly knows what it means to treasure a loved one and to gently nurture and take care of their heart. A steady, fixed and steadfast heart can be more readily counted on being found in the better natured Taureans that those of any other sign.