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GEMINI (21 May – 21 June)

Gemini is Latin for "twins," and it is one of the few constellations that actually looks like its namesake. Gemini is one of the Zodiac constellations and one of the 48 constellations described by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy. Gemini is fairly located in the night sky, northeast of Orion, and between Taurus and Cancer on the ecliptic.

Gemini is the first of the air signs and for this reason is intellectual and communicative. The twins represent a dual type of ever enquiring mind that sees both sides of a point of view and leaps with interest to every new idea presented. As the sign of Gemini is mutable it displays adaptable characteristics and can be described as the adaptable intellect.

The airy nature of the sign of Gemini leads to its children being highly concerned with the mind and communicative faculties. It is known as the butterfly of the zodiac flitting with excitement from one place to another, gathering little bits of information along the way. Their minds are thirsty for all  kinds of knowledge and information, coupled with them possessing tremendous wit and a good sense of humour. They are fun loving pranksters who enjoy playing tricks on unsuspecting friends.

Geminians are often gifted orators who tend to be perceptive, intuitive and logical. They thrive on anything new…new activity, new people and new situations. They are good conversationalist with a genuine interest in what makes other people tick. Gemini often embodies the character of a child who perpetually asks the question “why?”. Always overly concerned with the relationships that exist between people, objects and ideas, the true Geminian is always looking for ways and means to broaden these understandings. The tool most used and useful to Gemini is the exercise of his or her mind. Their mind is always brimming with new ideas which they divide and then re-divides again and again, always in search of new perspectives to old ideas. Gemini’s are gifted with literary talent and have a very keen and selective sense of logic that demands proof rather than faith or belief.

The accomplished Geminian has the ability and literary acuity to string the right words eloquently along to describe the essence of any situation that finds an exact and fitting expression most applicable to any given expression. Friends, associates and social engagements are extremely important to the Gemini.  Afterall, the sign of Gemini is one of the more predominant signs to govern relationships. He or she is usually the flighty, light and entertaining friend that engages a crowd with witty and amusing banter and a long tale of interesting, delightful and funny stories. On the other hand, his incessant need to talk, tell, share and communicate can make him or her quite the notable gossip.

Geminians often display an emotional detachment in their social interactions with others. The reason for this is that they are more often than not inclined to act from the mind rather than the heart. As a rule, Geminians prefer to be free and mobile rather than being tied down to any particular place or person. As a spouse they enjoy having someone special in their life to share and exchange, thoughts, ideas, projects and information, but at the same time they want to come and go as they please.

One of the most important lessons for a Gemini to learn is to channel this overflow of excitable mental energy and prowess in a constructive, contained and productive manner. They do have a tendency to become a “jack of all trades and a master of none”. Yet if properly guided they have the ability to become the “jack of all trades and the master of many”.