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VIRGO (23 August to 22 September)

Virgo as the goddess of the harvest is found in a glorious part of the heavens. Virgo is Latin for virgin. The virgin constellation is one of the longest in length stretching across approximately 46 degrees. Her form is long, graceful and slender. The bright Spica makes it easy to locate Virgo, as it can be found by following the curve of the Big Dipper/Plough to Arcturus then along the same curve to Spica.

The sign of Virgo is a mutable Earth sign. Virgo is depicted in pictures of ancient times as the Virgin with an ear of corn in the one hand and a child on her lap, indicating fertility and the committed and dedicated work required to nestle and nurture the young. Virgo’s strength therefore rests in the creative power and force contained in the unreleased energy of her being. The glyph of Virgo symbolizes this latent energy that remains hidden and contained within her being. The closed loop at the end of her glyph represents a locked door that keeps this energy from being released and expressed until the season is right in one’s life.

Virgo rules the intestines. The function of the intestines is to absorb nourishment to feed the body. Virgos are required to keep their physical vehicle pure and free from toxins. Part of their lesson is to learn that their body is truly a temple indeed. Matters of health often prod the Virgoan to healthier living and lifestyle habits that have yet to realize this truth. It is often the case that Virgoan’s have a highly sensitive physical body that requires purity in order to function optimally. The word virgin is synonymous with the words unspoiled and pure. This is often symbolic of the Virgoan’s desire for purity and perfection.

Virgoans tend to have enquiring minds, sharp intellect and resourceful memories. They are hard-working individuals with a natural aptitude for structure, order, discipline and detailed work. They have an inborn love of ordered harmony and subconsciously seek perfection in everything that they do. This same trait tends to make Virgoans rather fussy sticklers for procedure and prone to be over-critical, faultfinding, demanding with a my way or the highway kind of attitude. Yet at the same time Virgoans are often soft, reserved and shy with a deep need to be in service to others. They tend to keep to themselves and to do not enter into friendships lightly.

Virgo is the sign most likely to burden her children a fair amount of worry and anxiety. This tension can often manifest as health ailments causing conditions that affect the skin or intestines. Hypochondriac tendencies may manifest as they are anxious about everything, including their health. This anxiety also causes Virgoans to be overly occupied with reactions to their self-expression. This makes them extremely sensitive to social criticism.
The gift of the sign of Virgo is that they possess a multitude of talents. They are especially well equipped to deal with variety and is acutely aware of the variety of forms an idea can take. Virgoans have highly active minds and tend to analyse people and problems from a variety of perspectives. They are exceptionally attentive to detail and always view problems or project their ideas from more than one angle.

Virgo is known to be the sign of service and therefore is often seen helping those less fortunate than themselves. For this same reason Virgos are often happy to take on and work in a sub-ordinate and behind the scenes kind of capacity. The less evolved Virgo seeks control over others through assistance. The more evolved Virgo seeks to be of service, help and assistance in all his or her relationships and never seeks praise for any of their actions.
A tendency towards reclusive behavior is often manifest in the life of a Virgoan. It is not necessarily that they are unsociable and prefer to be alone, but rather they prefer solitariness to engaging with rude, objectionable, boring or offensive social behaviour.

At its highest vibration the sign of Virgo represents the servant of the divine. Virgo is the sign of the unselfish worker who sacrifices self to be in service to others. Highly evolved virgoans are selfless servants to humanity who finds their place in the world through being of service in a manner that is always abundant in humility, patience, tolerance and understanding.