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LIBRA (23 September – 22 October)

Libra is Latin for weighing scales, and is the only constellation of the Zodiac representing an inanimate object. Libra is the smallest of the constellations measuring only 21 degrees of longitude and is located in the Southern Hemisphere, between Scorpius to the east and Virgo to the west. In addition to Scorpius and Virgo, Libra borders Serpens Caput, Hydra, Centaurus, Lupus and Ophiuchus.

Libra represents the period of the autumnal equinox, when day and night are equal. It is thus very interesting and accurate that the sign of Libra is the ultimate embodiment of the principle of equality. The glyph is representative of the Sun sinking under the horizon as the day turns to dusk in preparation of the night. Very much of what a Libran does entails a certain uniting of polarized forces, within or without, which is evident in the tasks he or she undertakes. The symbol represents the weighing scales which to weigh means to bring things into balance. Librans possess a unique talent of being able to accurately weigh up the pros and cons to any given situation and can generally be counted upon to come up with a fair solution.

The sign of Libra is masculine, positive and of the element of Air. It has a cardinal quality which means it is action initiating and ambitious. The sign of Libra is known to be the “active intellectual”. At the same time the Libran is also the natural born romantic. They are always in search of a partner, in fact finding the right partner is one of the most important missions of a Libran individual. They appear to suffer when alone and are very likely to seek out the company of good friends when they temporarily have no one at their side.

Librans exude natural charm and are social butterflies who take delight in making their way through crowds people and parties. Their love of harmony, beauty and their willingness to serve makes them thoughtful and excellent hosts who are most happy when playing host to people enjoying themselves around them. Their attention to design of detail surpasses most of the other signs as they have a keener eye than most for balancing a blend of colour, line and proportion in harmony and elegant ambiance. Furthermore they also make for highly entertaining hosts who love to act and entertain dropping one-liner jokes and delivering over-dramatized and amusing skits.
Because of their inherent need for equality and balance, Librans often suffer with the inconvenience of never being able to make up their mind, and so do their companions suffer with this same inconvenience.

Because they are able to see the merits of a multitude of different options they often struggle to make a choice between either one. This level of indecision can even influence the most mundane tasks, choices and operations in their life.

A Libran’s intrinsic need for harmony on all levels makes them highly uncomfortable in an environment where they find conflict and discord around them. They find it almost impossible to remain in a composed emotional state and they will seek to restore peace at almost any price. Failing which you will often see them promptly removing themselves from these situations and circumstances.

Librans are highly creative beings which are most likely to first find expression in their homes and the way that they are dressed. They place a great amount of importance on looking the best that they can at all times.
Librans are known to be the most natural diplomat of all the signs. They are always trying to unite people and ideas. This is the reason they are so well suited to bringing two parties of opposing views together in the most subtle and unobtrusive manner.

All the air signs are learning lessons of dispassion and peace. Balance and justice in Libras relationships is an absolute must. If they are failing to achieve this, their desire to please in a personal sense leaves them vulnerable to be taken advantage of by others.

Librans are as a rule very courteous and are rarely guilty of intentionally injuring another. Their tempers are usually contained and they present a calm and tranquil demeanor to the world. Yet on the odd occasion when aroused, they explode like a volcanoe when least expected and will leave nothing unsaid as they will recount all the injustices they have suffered and when and where they took place.

Librans have a strong desire to engage in ways that promote cooperation rather than separation. Souls born under this sign are forced by circumstances in their life to learn the laws of cooperation when it comes to relationships and human integration.