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SCORPIO (22 November – 21 December)

Scorpio is one of the most easily discernable zodiacal constellations in the night heavens as it is composed of notably large and bright stars. At the heart of the Scorpion is Antares, a red supergiant, the 16th brightest star, with an apparent magnitude between 0.96 and 1.8. It is part of a binary system, having a faint companion.

The sign of Scorpio is veiled in mystery and shrouded in enigma and nebulosity as it conceals within its nature the secrets of sex, death, regeneration and rebirth. The glyph associated with the sign symbolizes the male sexual organ and the concentrated sexual power and tension it holds when in a state of excitement. This energy in its positive expression represents the sheer will and determination to strive, survive and flourish. At its more negative vibration it is impregnated with the dark horse of death, decay, destruction and regeneration.

There are two glyphs associated with the sign of Scorpio. One depicts the coils of the serpent (the serpent is closely connected with the eighth sign of the Zodiac) with its poisonous fangs poised to strike out at any threat or perceived adversary. This same glyph can be seen to depict the aggressive scorpion with its venomous tale raised ready to inflict death on its chosen victim.

The second glyph shows the same coiled serpent, scorpion or sexually potent male, but with the arrowhead hidden, which represents the venom, semen, or poisonous fangs. The glyph with the concealed arrowhead speaks of a more refined nature of the Scorpion, where the powerful force within its potent fluids are infused more subtly into the intended objective, with an equally powerful and effective end without the need for violence, bloodshed or death.

The quality of Scorpio is fixed… meaning persistent and determined. Scorpio is the most powerful of the signs because of their strong will and sheer determination to accomplish whatever they attempt to do. Their strong powers of reasoning, an analytical mind, their powerful and keen intuition with their innate flair for long range planning, their magnetism and abundance of energy provides them with a naturally born skill set that makes them more likely than most to realize their chosen goals and worldly ambitions.

As a fixed sign, Scorpios have a tendency to have very definite and rigid opinions. Their opinions can be so fixed and set that no amount of persuasion will lead to them changing their mind. This is the reason they have earned the reputation of being the most stubborn sign of the Zodiac. This same quality makes a Scorpio a friend or associate that commits with unwavering loyalty, dedication and solidarity. Yet, this commitment often comes at a price. Due to their secretive nature it is all good and well that they know your plans, but they prefer that their own plans are kept to themselves. Scorpios do not like their private life being revealed to anyone except those who they choose to reveal their life to.

Scorpio is the sign most equally susceptible to the forces of both Light and Dark. He or she has within, the ability to reconstruct themselves no matter how low they fall. They have the ability to carry out the most treacherous acts of self-undoing, only later to rise up like a phoenix out of the ashes of spent desires. These desires are usually related to money, sex, scandal and/ or secrets.

If anything, the sign of Scorpio represents passion. Passion can range from the two extremes of LOVE and HATE. The sign of Scorpio resonates with both of these extremes with an intensity rarely matched by any other sign of the Zodiac. What this means is that they have the intensity to love and hate with equal vigour.

Scorpio’s strength is the manifest ability to impose his or her will upon another. Scorpio gives just enough of his/her resources, just as much as is needed to control another. Just as Libra has a gift of uniting people and talents, the sign of Scorpio has the capacity to bring out abilities in people and change them according to his or her desire.

There are two types of Scorpios as symbolized by the two different glyphs. One type is the Eagle and the other the Scorpion. The Eagle type is usually very lean with an elongated shaped face. There is often a protruding nose present with a slight hook to it. The Eagle-Scorpion is very aware of his/her powers and chooses to direct his/her energy at will. He/she has little time for petty emotions and rises above envy, jealousy, hatred and greed. The Eagle-Scorpion is in complete control of his/her emotions where effective and efficient execution of his/her objectives is the sole goal and purpose of his/her actions.

The Scorpion-Scorpio is rather sturdily set with a strong and powerful physical vehicle. They usually tend towards a dark complexion.  The Scorpion-Scorpio is generally ruled by his or her desires alone. He /she is exceedingly envious, avaricious, egotistically jealous and fully possessed with pride. This being is wholly ruled by his/her passions and has little time for anything else. This individual is one who feeds on the weaknesses of others. The Scorpion-Scorpio is the most common type walking the planet in these times.

A more rare type of Scorpio is the Dove-Scorpio. At this stage of evolution, the soul has mastered its own base desires and the ego-driven ruthless need for victory over others. The Dove-Scorpio no longer uses its vicious venom and powers of perception to engulf, dominate and devour. Instead, the soul who has over many cycles transmuted from the Scorpion into the Dove has the gift and ability to extract the pain from all those who come for healing, transforming darkness into light, anxiety into calm and bitterness into acceptance.

Through death to self and one’s earthly desires, the Dove has learned the mysteries of life and death. The soul has learned the secrets of true liberation and no longer is ruled by the fear of one’s ability to survive for the secret of survival has been found. The soul has learned to let go and discover the joy and magic of every moment of existence, the ability to materialize whatever is needed for all eternity.