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SAGITTARIUS (22 November – 21 December)

The name Sagittarius is Latin for Archer. Sagittarius is the largest constellation in the Southern Hemisphere and the 15th largest constellation overall. The constellation has many bright stars and is very visible with the naked eye. The Archer is always on the hunt for the Scorpion with his arrow eternally aimed at Antares, the heart of the constellation of Scorpio. As is the case with all of the Zodiac constellations, Sagittarius was recorded in the 2nd century by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy.

The sign of Sagittarius is the Archer-Centaur, half man half horse. In the physical realm the up pointing arrow glyph represents the moving mobility of the loins, thighs and upper legs. The arrow head represents the sharp focus with which a Sagittarian can project or channel his or her energy. It further indicates the access that a Sagittarian has to principles of higher mind which makes them naturally suited to philosophical, theological, legal or counselling kinds of work. The typical Sagittarian seeks out a practical philosophy that can be applied at every day level that engenders social growth and harmony.

The upturned arrow is also symbolic of Sagittarians’ desire to reach ever higher and strive ever farther always looking for something new and exciting to add new dimensions to their life. The sharp point of the glyph also represents the outspoken nature of the Sagittarian to the point where there words can be cutting sharp and at the same time blunt and impactful.  It is their absolute zeal for truth that makes them say exactly what they are thinking with no holds barred.

The cross bar at the bottom of the arrow stem represents the struggle and diligent work and commitment that is required of them to liberate themselves from their lower nature and temptations of their base desires and excessive appetites. It is the same fiery intensity which drives them to pursue human and social understanding that often leads to their lustful exploration of their sensual nature.

Sagittarians are restless and adventurous explorers. They therefore make keen travelers and energetic sportsman. Sagittarians are outwardly self-expressive and are not to be expected to keep secrets. They are courageous, bold and outspoken. Their loose and wagging tongue often leads to the embarrassment of those that surround them.
Their ambitions are almost always lofty and high, their need for ongoing stimulation is rarely satisfied.

For this very reason they are often found teetering on the edge of burnout or nervous exhaustion as they are always tackling too many tasks and projects for them to keep pace with or cope. The Archer would be wise to take a moment before he acts to carefully consider where his or her energy could be used best, as they are renowned for shooting arrows off in all directions without any specific goal in mind. They are good at initiating projects, yet not so good at finishing them. They are good and dishing or orders but not so good at receiving them.

Sagittarians always have their own unique take on life where he develops his or her own philosophy of life. They are in one way or another always in search of improving their understanding of the meaning of life. This is the case as the sign of Sagittarius finds its natural home in the 9th House which presides of the areas of life which relate to higher education, sense of God and spirituality, as well as foreign travel, culture and countries.

Sagittarians are well noted for their friendliness, helpful and subtle humor. For this reason they are often found travelling far and wide make friends along the way. In fact one of their God given gifts is their ability natural ability to make friends. They feel comfortable in groups or crowds debating interesting topics and making conversation just for its own sake. Sagittarians are highly independent with a need for freedom and mobility that is very real to them.

Sagittarians make for highly romantic lovers and marriage partners. They usually pair with an individual who provides them with intellectual stimulation. They generally do not have much time for possessiveness of jealousy as both sexes are usually fond of flirting.  They are one of the most likely signs to engage in extramarital affairs due to their tendency to get bored very quickly. Yet nine times out of ten they will be the one to tell their partner due to their natural tendency towards honesty.