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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricornus is among the faintest constellations, just above the constellation, Cancer. It sits among the other constellations of the water genre, including the water-bear Aquarius, the whale-like sea monster Cetus, the fishes Pisces and Eridanus, the river.

Capricornus is located in the Southern Hemisphere and represents a creature that is a blend of fish and goat as the name means “goat horn” in Latin. It is one of the Zodiac constellations identified by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD.

To identify Capricorn in the heavens, it is useful to locate some of its more conspicuous neighbours. The Sea-Goat lies entirely below the celestial equator and is surrounded by Sagittarius in the West, Aquarius in the East, Delpinus and Cygnas in the North and Aquarius in the East, and Pisces in the East.

The glyph of Capricorn is symbolic of the two types of Capricorn, the Mountain Goat or the Sea Goat. Visually speaking, the glyph is more akin to the shape of a Sea Goat. Capricorn holds the most elevated position in the horoscope. This gives us an idea as to the Capricornian characteristics of prestige, status and executive and power and ability. Capricorn is the most ambitious sign of the Zodiac and thus is located at the zenith of the heavens. This is also symbolic of the Mountain Goat perilously perching him or herself on the edge of rocky mountain cliffs pushing ever upwards in patient yet relentless pursuit of his/her lofty goals and ambitions.

The type of Capricorn will largely determine the direction in which the Capricorn chooses to channel his or her efforts an energies.

The Mountain Goat only seeks to satisfy his or her own hunger and ambitions, working tirelessly for self-advancement and material prestige and success. After all, the sign of Capricorn is the cardinal sign of the element Earth.

The Sea Goat dreams of loftier goals and ambitions that surpass the realm of this physical and material plane. The Sea Goat is a divine creature who is intrinsically aware that the true seat of abundance and power lies far beyond the sphere of the personal ego. The Sea Goat comes into this life in search of spiritual riches and to find the ultimate communion with spirit and to then light the way for others.

The sign of Capricorn symbolizes not only government and nations but also any other growing economic or administrative institution. Capricorn seeks to harness the power of State and the authority of the Monarch. They generally prefer to engage the world through professional title or some kind of material advantage that automatically places them in a position of authority or power.

The sign of Capricorn is cardinal which means ambitious, outgoing and action-initiating. Capricorns certainly do not wait around for something to fall on their lap, rather they go directly after what they want. Individual under strong Capricornian influence often display a quiet exterior and to some may even appear to be loners. Underneath their quiet and somewhat reserved exterior, they have a strong desire to succeed in whatever they do and will work hard, consistently and patiently until they reach their intended goals. Their inferiority complex often pushes them to work harder and longer than the next person to ensure the job is done right and that they obtain concrete and measurable results from their many endeavours.

Workaholic is a good word to describe your average Capricorn and as when they are not busy with work they are usually busy with some or other practical task or interesting hobby.

Capricorns are generally dependable in a crisis. When asked to give advice they tend to give practical solutions to problems. They seldom waste time with superfluous chit chat and generally only speak when they have something meaningful to say. Their minds are well structured, rational and constructive (if Mercury is not too afflicted).
Patience is one of the greatest virtues that most Capricorns possess. This is fortunate for them as they are forced to standby and observe many of their goals and ambitions met with obstacles, delays and setbacks (the nature of their ruling planet Saturn). Yet it is these very setbacks that craft the Capricorns immense patience, calm exterior and understanding when the wheels fall off in life in the most unexpected of ways.

Capricorns generally make good counsellors as their own personal sufferings assist them in identifying with the sufferings of others.

Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn generally brings difficulties, delays and limitations in Capricornians’ younger years but as they grower older their life becomes richer and more fulfilling.