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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces is one of the faintest of the twelve zodiacal constellations and measures approximately 41 degrees of celestial longitude. The constellation of Pisces is composed of a northern and southern fish joined together by a celestial cord attached to each end of their tails.

The symbol of the 12th sign of the zodiac is comprised of two half crescent lines joined by a central cord which represents cosmic consciousness which has on the one side the infinite consciousness of the universe and the other side, the finite consciousness of man. The central cord is where the spiritual plane meets the material plane here on Earth. Herein lay one of the greatest inner battles of the Piscean… to effectively blend his or her life on this physical plane with his/her spiritual realm. The Piscean glyph perfectly reflects this inherent dualism of the fish… the urge to merge with the invisible forces of the soul.

This very urge to merge with the soul leads many a Piscean astray on this physical plane, into a state of being lost, deluded and/or confused. The Latin word Spiritus has many meanings, namely, breath, breathing, life, soul, spirit. It is often the case that Pisceans either search for spirit at the bottom of a bottle of spirits or they get lost in a dangerous and highly destructive world of mind altering chemicals. In the watery sign of Pisces, the emotional realm is where the stakes are high. The emotions in a Piscean run extremely high, having a tendency to manifest into extremes of behavior...either rising to the heights of ecstasy and delight or sinking to the dark depths of depression and despair.

The three water signs have the capacity to experience and express every permutation of emotion and feeling. In good condition and aspect, these signs will give great inner fulfilment, joy and creativity, but when afflicted they can easily lead to depression, negativity and failure.

A Piscean’s capacity to change, without warning, from the highest of spirits into a pit of darkness, and then back again can unnerve their more fixed companions.

The parts of the body that is ruled by the sign of Pisces are the feet. The feet are the only part of the body in physical contact with the Earth, most of the time. The point of man that touches and connects with the vibrations of the collective consciousness of our Earth is the feet. For this reason alone, Pisceans are highly sensitive beings and super sensitive subtle emotional receivers whom are acutely aware of the entire spectrum of the human condition. This ability to actually sense what others are feeling generally has a tendency to inspire the deepest sense of compassion for other beings in the more evolved Piscean. The feet carry and support the whole weight of the physical body… it is then no wonder that Pisceans often feel wholly responsible for the well-being of those they love or for any aspect of any project that they choose to undertake.

Pisceans easily fluctuate from the role of saint to sinner, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

The imaginative and creative faculties usually find strong currents within the waters of a Piscean, and many may spend much of their time living in a visionary or idealistic world, rather than the real one. Pisceans often have strong artistic or literary abilities where they express their love of beauty, harmony and nature which is a fundamental characteristic of these sensitive individuals.

Unfortunately, the sign’s very nature usually requires a fair amount of suffering of self or involves engaging in the sufferings of others. The life of the poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, born under the sign of Pisces, featured many distinctive characteristics of the sign of Pisces. She fell ill at age fifteen later, after the death of her drowned brother, became a recluse with a terrible fear of meeting anyone new. Her despotic father virtually kept her as a prisoner at home where she was condemned to live as an incurable invalid.

Her savior came in the form of Robert Browning where they carried on a secret love affair and married without her father’s knowledge and escaped to Italy. Later in her life she was heavily influenced by the occult and spiritualism.
Often the internal life of a Piscean is incomprehensible, elusive and difficult to grasp. They are highly intuitive and usually come to a usually quick and accurate impression of someone they meet. Yet, upon inquiry, they are unable to provide a rational explanation of how they came to form such an opinion. They can sense what is unseen and intuit what is unknown. Their sensitive and impressionable nature often leads them to withdraw from the world in one way or another.