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Introduction to Celestial Waters

Warren Calvey, traditional Astrologer, life readingsAstrology readings and Life readings in Johannesburg South Africa by a traditional Astrologer with many years experience.

I am a Traditional Astrologer with many years' experience, and offer Astrology readings and Life readings.

Celestial Waters is an information hub which provides practical information about how this ancient celestial art can impart sacred tools that, if used correctly, can empower you as an individual to reach your highest potential and assist you in improving the conditions and circumstances of your life.

Our living Earth and this third dimension in which we as spiritual beings have incarnated and live is comprised of four elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each soul that incarnates on this earthly plane, based on their time and location of birth is given a certain proportion of elements to work with in this life time. Most of us are born with elemental imbalances that create blockages and difficulties in our lives.

Charts_01.jpgA life reading by a skilled astrologer identifies these imbalances and addresses the same in order to bring them into balance. Once these elements are in balance, automatically your life comes more into balance, allowing harmony to dominate and minimising destructive and impeding forces. And this is just the beginning…. With an accurate birth-time this spectacular and accurate tool can reveal and give you insight into your life purpose, identify your innate strengths and weakness and give you meaningful direction in order for you to pursue and fulfil your dreams and desires in a meaningful and effective manner.

Ultimately, a life reading assists you to make improved life decisions and choices that work in harmony with your celestial blue-print which brings the most favourable and expedient results within the boundaries of your God given potentials. This ancient and sacred instrument also gives one insight into matters of health, finances, career, personal and love relationships, spirituality and much more.

There are many interesting books supporting the value of astrology referenced in our Library.

A life reading can be done on skype or in person.

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Charts_03.jpgAn Except: "As astrologers, in an attempt to understand in its fullness, the coming age of Aquarius, we need to consider the entering quality of its being over approximately the last 700 years, as it is commonly believed by many astrologers that the last 10 degrees of a given age (1 degree equals 72 years, hence 720 years), starts making its influences visible. Historical events over the last century alone have culminated into a remarkable source of confirmative Aquarian events which have come to pass, especially from the mid 1960’s until present day. Many believe that we are at the beginning of this new Age, the age of the water-bearer, an outpouring of universal knowledge and information."