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Astrological Services I offer you

There are a variety of highly valuable, beneficial and meaningful services that the tool of traditional astrology combined with shamanic astrology has to offer.

Accurate and meaningful information about the following areas of your life can be provided:

  • Personality traits
  • God given gifts and talents
  • Health and healing
  • Profession
  • Finances
  • Education
  • Romantic partnerships and marriage
  • Children
  • Siblings
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Spiritual Life
  • Your Guardian Angel

Number one on the list is finding out who you really are in this world and what you came here to do. What is your life’s work? Are you on the path of your life’s work or are you not….? Instinctually you already know the answer to this question. If you are not on the right path… what action do you need to take to get on the path that God and his universe intended for you?

If you are already on your God given journey, proper application of this magnificent tool can shine a…. shocking, yet highly illuminating light that brightens the way forward.

This is unfortunately not an instant process and requires a fair amount of self-discovery through honest self-reflection, astrological calculation, evaluation and consultation. Some journeys are harder and longer than others. The heart of the matter is the sooner you identify and realize the tools and tribulations you have been given to work with in this incarnation as a living human being, the sooner you can express yourself and live at your highest potential spiritual vibration.

Part of this process is identifying the circumstances of your life and how they integrate, operate and interact with each other, in short, your “life dynamics” for want of a better word.

Charts_03.jpgThe fee for a consultation in person or on skype is R800.

Written reports are also available in the following formats:

General Introduction Report to your horoscope and the elements and qualities you have to work within identifiable circumstances in your life (10 hours to compile) – R2000

Comprehensive Life Report (50 hours to compile) – R10000

Should you purchase the General Introduction Report, and find good and reliable information and value, and further request a consultation, the Comprehensive Life Report is offered at a discounted rate of R8000 as a fair amount of ground work has already been done in the General Introduction Report and the consultation.

Looking forward to making your acquaintance!

Kind regards

Warren Calvey